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COSBROS was founded by the brothers Johannes and Florentin Flaschka. From early on in their life, they suffered from the autoimmune disease psoriasis, which accelerates the life cycle of skin cells and therefore leads to the build-up of dead cells on the epidermis. As a consequence, this disease can lead to scars, hyperpigmentation (dark patches) and hypopigmentation (light spots).

To cope with these effects the two brothers looked for several solutions until stumbling across microneedling. Microneedling is a cosmetic application, which is performed with a microneedling pen that causes microlesion of the skin, allowing revitalisation and healing. The benefits of microneedling can be leveraged by using a serum or other pre- and post treatment cosmetic products.

Due to this having such an impact on the brothers skin regeneration, they dove deeper into the topic. After gaining substantial insight, they decided to found COSBROS to help others with similar problems. Since then their goal is to supply customers with knowledge and highly effective quality cosmetic and skincare products. 

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